Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Is Cheney Presiding Over NSC Meetings?

I believe that this might be the biggest thing I've reported in my short career as a blogger and journalist.

At Raw Story: Cheney sought Rice's role at National Security Council, Vanity Fair to report.

Bush apparently gave Cheney power to preside over National Security Council meetings.

Although Cheney's alleged desire to chair principals meetings has been reported before, the results of a RAW STORY investigation suggest that the Vice President may have gotten what he wanted.

Practically unnoticed, a National Security Presidential Directive issued Feb.13, 2001, and signed by President George W. Bush, formally gave the vice president that duty, albeit at the President's discretion.

"When I am absent from a meeting of the NSC, at my direction the Vice President may preside," Bush wrote.

But before the document was officially released, an article in the New York Times published in February, 2001 claimed that "officials who read the directive today and who were familiar with its development" said that it "rejected suggestions that Vice President Cheney head important meetings of the National Security Council."

Read the rest of the article at Raw Story.

(NOTE: ouch...four days later I realized I mixed up NSA and NSC in the original title of this blog post...that's why I appreciate having editors at RAW)


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