Tuesday, May 23, 2006

This my post. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Written by alfdom.

Why are we back in Iraq? The best answer is greed. One could argue apathy and ignorance had a part in this war, but greed is the main reason. I have not been able to explain why all our oil got under their sand. We are liberating it to our gas tanks.

I have no blog. I did not write well when I was in school. I have no published works. I chose the name alfdom, years ago, to be a chat id. I wanted a simple easy name. It is letters from my given name, Alfredo and my last name. I learned much later that dom has different meanings in cyberspace. I had many strange conversations because of my choice of names.

About every 10 months, the MSM runs stories about how the ALF and the ELF are terrorist groups. I have no ties to either group. I have nothing to do with Earth First. I like animals, I have dogs and cats. I also like to eat meat. I helped my grandparents raise and butcher cattle , pigs and chickens. I like to fish and would enjoy pulling a perch out of my lake. I would enjoy having my own lake. I am not a terrorist, a communist, or a pacifist so there is no reason to check my phone records. There is no pattern to see there.

I could change my id, but that damage is done. The name alfdom is littered all over the shoulder of the information superhighway. So I keep the id, it is still a free country. A young lady is free wave a confederate flag and wear little flags on her person. I can not understand why anyone would want that flag. You could say I do not want to understand or be around people who like this flag. I do not understand why people wave the Mexican flag. I do not plan on gong to Mexico and waving an American flag.

I read this blog to try and make sense of what is happening. I usually leave more confused. I hope I can contribute to the information overload. I will try to keep the snowclones to two per post.


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