Thursday, June 22, 2006

Defending Howard Kurtz Part 1,001

Once again I gotta back my man, Howie, at the Washington Post.

Instead of apologizing for speculating that Karl Rove's mother killed herself because her son is a "shameless bastard", Larry Johnson decided to pick on one of the liberal blogosphere's usual suspect punching bags at his No Quarter blog (and frontpaged at Booman Tribune):

Media pros, like Howard Kurtz, see parity between Coulter and me. Howie describes my comment as "despicable" (but does point folks to my blog, thanks Howie for the plug. And, lest you forget, remember that his wife is a Republican operative.)


And Howie calls me despicable? I find it despicable that Howie excuses Coulter's inexcusable comments.


What is truly amazing is media guys like Howie equate my comment, which attacks Karl Rove using Rove-like tactics, with Ann Coulter, who attacks Americans who simply speak up with a different political point of view.

What Howard Kurtz really wrote:

On a related matter, Hotline also notes that former CIA analyst Larry Johnson , in his No Quarter blog, had the following despicable comments about Rove and the Plame case:

What Hotline's Blogometer wrote:

The Blogometer only posts this despicable comment in hopes that major news outlets that have allowed him to speak in the past (Jim Lehrer News Hour, National Public Radio, ABC's Nightline, NBC's Today Show, and the New York Times) never provide outlet for his hate again.

Kurtz never called Larry Johnson's comments despicable. He just wrote that Hotline noted that they were.

Oh...and furthermore...

Kurtz DID characterize Coulter's comments as "despicable" on his CNN show Reliable Sources...although like with Larry he was just saying what others have said:

Are you struck by the fact that a number of prominent conservatives this time have turned to Ann Coulter and said that she went too far and that her remarks were despicable?

What's the chances of Larry Johnson apologizing to Kurtz?

I guess "no quarter" means pretending that only the "hypocritical, whiney, hysterical rightwing has melted down over my speculative comment."

(and for the record...i've never exchanged emails or phone calls or walkie talkies with there's no ulterior motives etc...i'm just amazed that so many liberal bloggers treat him with disdain...i've written about this before so search through the archives to find all the reasons why i like Howie and all the reasons why i think damn near everyone should like can start here)


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