Saturday, June 10, 2006

Letterman feeds a wingnut some sledgehammers

[This post is by tas]

In the past, I've mentioned that David Letterman "is the voice of the conscience of normal Americans." It's important to pay attention to what Dave says because he doesn't live in the blogosphere/infoglut bubble that most bloggers and blog readers live in, so when Dave makes fun of a topic, it means that topic has become mainstream and is now on the minds of many more Americans. And many Americans agree with Dave, that's why they laugh at his jokes. (Yes, I'm sure that a more verbal, erudite, and scholarly assessment can be made of Letterman's thoughts and society at large, but that's for another post at another time.)

So when Dave slams Ann Coulter in such a brutal fashion, you know that the not-so-pretty little hate machine is in trouble.

You know anything about this Ann Coulter? She's some kind of commentator or political thing. She goes around yacking and she got herself into a lot of trouble.

She has made some crazy statements about 9/11, and coincidentally Al Gore has produced a new documentary all about Ann Coulter.

I believe it's called an 'Inconvenient Bitch.'

Here's what we know about Ann Coulter. She's blonde, she's single, and well, maybe someone will set her up with O.J.

Wow. Just wow.

I want video.


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