Saturday, June 17, 2006

oy gevalt, Larry

Larry Johnson seems to be channeling Ann Coulter in a Thursday post written about Karl Rove:

Karl is a shameless bastard. This could explain why his mother killed herself. Once she discovered what a despicable soul she had spawned she apparently saw no other way out.

How could anyone possibly defend this as a valid thing to say? Shame on you, Larry.

As I wrote, that post was written Thursday, but I just stumbled upon it at Protein Wisdom, where Jeff Goldstein rightfully goes to town on it. According to Goldstein, Johnson originally blogged, "Small wonder his mother killed herself."

Aside from being a stunningly stupid thing to write, this news kind of ruins the planned introduction to my latest Raw Story article, "Rove: Right use Net to 'broaden our appeal,' while left use it to 'mobilize hate and anger.'"

Hopefully, Johnson will apologize for what he's written...otherwise he's gonna make Karl Rove look right:

In an exclusive interview with a New Hampshire "citizen activist network," President Bush's senior political adviser, Karl Rove, claimed that conservatives have broadened their appeal through the Internet while liberals have used it to "mobilize hate and anger," RAW STORY has found.

"I do also think that the Internet has proven to be a more powerful tool on our side than it has been for the other side," Rove told, a non-partisan Website founded by a former Ambassador who has raised and contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to strictly Republican candidates.


Instead of "focusing on good ideas," Rove opined that the "Internet for the Left of the Democratic Party" only "mobilize hate and anger."

"It has tended to sort of drive their party even further to the Left rather than focusing on good ideas that would help unite people around common goals and common purposes," said Rove.

"Instead, the Internet for the Left of the Democratic Party has served as a way to mobilize hate and anger — hate and anger, first and foremost, at this President and Conservatives, but then also at people within their own party whom they consider to be less than completely loyal to this very narrow, very out-of-the-mainstream, very far Left-wing ideology that they tend to represent," Rove continued.

"I think the Democrat focus, or at least the Internet blog world focus, if you will, is, 'How can we punish our enemies and express our anger?'" Rove added.


According to a press release promoting the Rove interview issued by, the group was founded two years ago.

"Victory NH began as a grassroots Internet effort led by Ambassador Joseph Petrone," the press release says. "Since its founding in 2004, it has grown into a network of activist groups across New Hampshire, working together to defend the principles and policies of lower taxes, smaller government, a strong national defense and a free-enterprise system; as well as protecting New Hampshire's first in-the-nation primary.


According to, Petrone has given over $300,000 in political contributions since 2000, all of it to Republican candidates and committees.

In 2000, Petrone led Bush/Cheney fund-raising efforts for New Hampshire, raising triple the money that Vice President Al Gore's campaign was able to. In 2000, Bush took New Hamshire by only a 1.27% margin of victory (link).

At a diary about my article at Daily Kos, a commenter named shpilk mentioned that New Hampshire was where the phone jamming occurred:

Yup, NH .. the State where both the Head of the GOP as well as the Executive coordinator for Bush 're-election' are convicted felons.

VictoryNH is making my spider sense tingle.

More on Rove's interview and VictoryNH at Raw Story.


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