Saturday, June 10, 2006

Reuters Links Zarqawi to FDR

This is not a joke.

From the bizarre Reuters article Women’s clothing found at al-Zarqawi house:

There were traces of al-Zarqawi’s radical ideology. A leaflet lying in the rubble identified a radio station in Latifiya south of the capital as an apparent target.

A few feet away was a magazine picture of former President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Note that the first paragraph says "traces," thereby linking FDR to Zarqawi's "radical ideology."

(Hat tip to The Civil Engine for funniest post I've read about Zarqawi yet - haha funny as opposed to funny that the media is buying some of this shit).

More on Zarqawi in my last post. Now The New York Times is starting to ask questions (and when it's John F. Burns and PSYOPS victim Dexter Filkins asking questions that means this story ain't gonna go away so easily most probably).


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