Friday, July 28, 2006

Ann Coulter Really Wants to Sell Books

Guest blogger: Michael Hussey

Ann Coulter accuses Bill Clinton of being a gay man. Her reasoning is that Clinton has had sex with several women. I wonder what she thinks about Andrew Sullivan's sexuality.

(Editor's Note: Coulter doesn't directly say that Clinton is gay in this video...but that his philandering has "a whiff of the bathhouse" to it - which is extremely offensive and certainly homophobic - but not the same as saying he's gay. Give her another day and she might come right out and say that...but it seems to me she's being carefully outrageous more than anything.)

(I'm certainly not trying to defend Coulter but I would like to point out her "theory" isn't something she made up. Here's a link to an article published 13 years ago by Psychology Today which basically asserts that predominately male philanderers use sex to "affirm their masculinity and overcome both their homophobia and their fear of women ." Again. I'm not defending Coulter nor that theory - although I would agree that serial male philanderers essentially look down upon women - just providing context.)

(I apologize to all my guest bloggers for the recent editor notes but since I've done a lot of reporting on Coulter's inaccuracies, etc. I feel like I have to weigh in on all things Coulter-related here...but please keep posting whatever you want! - RB)


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