Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Coulter & Crickets


Check out video from Keith Olbermann's coverage of Ann Coulter plagiarism at Raw Story, along with a round-up of the latest developments on all of that (I'm told that Scarborough also tore into Coulter for the "p word" last night).

I also forgot to link to this prior round-up at Raw Story about the Post's "confirmation" of stuff that The Rude Pundit and I already covered, but that's nothing new in the blogosphere.

I was working on another Raw Story article about plagiarism in Godless, but I've been replaced by a machine. Methinks somebody out there in trademarked Blogtopia should invest in one of these new fangled inventions and set to work on exposing plagiarists of all stripes in all types of industries.

Anyway, I will put up a post in a couple of days with all that I found in Godless that I haven't written about yet. Many, many factual errors there be in that book.

(Also want to add links to recent posts by the Ponce de Leon of Coulter plagiarism, formally known as The Rude Pundit, blogenfreude at Agitprop for helping to remind others where they read this stuff first, and if you can handle the annoying pop-up ad, check out The Garlic for an "exclusive 1st draft of Coulter's plagiarism response," which would probably look familiar to me if I wasn't a hardcore Mets fan.)


I'm moving on.

Meaning that the storyline re-introduced here early Friday morning isn't going to be continuing at this location. However, that ongoing storyline is currently going strong at the right and left blogs mentioned in my last two posts, and - let's put it this way - I ain't suppressing anything.

Hopefully you'll read about it everywhere soon, just not here, where the sound of crickets more than anything can only be heard since Friday.

It's really tough to maintain a blog and contractually work for a news organization at the same time, and, unfortunately, I can't publicly talk more about this situation, except to solemnly swear that the reasons I'm pulling back now - and have pulled back before - are reasons that I completely agree with and reasons that are far more complex than a Vis Numar diagram of the trans-Neptunian ring around a certain moderate Democratic southern governor.


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