Friday, July 07, 2006

Coulter Wars

As Daily Kos argues whether or not this TPM Muckraker compiled list of plagiarism allegations (stuff dug up by The Rude Pundit, The New York Post and plagiarism expert John Barrie, The Boston Globe, and me) qualifies as plagiarism or not, and Coulter's publisher dismisses everything as "trivial," "meritless" and "irresponsible," I do want to remind readers that there are still more examples that I found that I haven't reported on yet.

My next article on Coulter's possible plagiarism should hit Raw Story by Tuesday, and don't be surprised if The Rude Pundit pulls more out of his sleeve...because thars fool's gold in them thar landfills.


R.P. just informed me that our work on Coulter was recognized by the Associated Press today.

Here's a link to 'Right-Wing Pundit's Work Under Scrutiny' by Hillel Italie:

The syndicator of Ann Coulter's newspaper column is looking into allegations that the right-wing pundit has lifted material from other sources.

"We are reviewing the material and expect to have a response some time next week," Kathie Kerr, a spokeswoman for Universal Press Syndicate, told The Associated Press on Friday.

The New York Post and the Web sites Raw Story and the Rude Pundit have raised numerous questions about Coulter's columns, which appear in more than 100 newspapers, and her best-selling "Godless," already notorious for the author's calling four 9/11 widows, who supported Democrat John Kerry for president in 2004, "harpies" thriving on their husbands' demise.

Sweet. Almost makes me forget about all the online websites and blogs that keep claiming that the New York Post broke this story (especially silly when most of those same unnamed blogs and websites previously reported on our findings). It sucks when blogs (though R.S. is technically not a blog we're grouped in that category) can't get recognition from the media, but it's even worse when your brothers and sisters shit on you too.


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