Friday, July 28, 2006

'Legal Plunder' of Tom DeLay

"What really affects our life is the legal stuff, the legal thefts, the legal plunder of people like Tom DeLay, for the sole, in my opinion immoral, purpose of holding onto power," Richard Viguerie tells Raw Story's John Byrne (or you can also say John Byrne's Raw Story), in Reagan conservative lashes out at 'hijackers of the conservative movement'.

And here's two stories I had at RS the other week which I forgot to link...

From Time: Presidential adviser wants Bush to 'beef up' White House Counsel's office fearing possible Dem-controlled House probes:

An adviser to President George W. Bush wants the White House Counsel's office to be "beef[ed] up" in case a possibly Democratic controlled House pursues a "tangle of investigations," according to a Time Magazine web exclusive.

Near the end of an article about how "the crisis in Lebanon has dragged the Administration into the role of potential peacemaker," Time's Mike Allen reports that the Administration's "outlook" for the midterm elections reads "ominous" for the Republican Party and for President Bush.


According to the White House website, the White House Counsel office "advises the President on all legal issues concerning the President and the White House."

Harriet Miers currently serves as the White House Counsel, following Alberto Gonzales who was chosen last year to take over for Attorney General after John Ashcroft resigned. A year ago, The Washington Post reported that Miers led a staff of 13 lawyers.

From Oliver Stone unaware firm pitching his 9/11 film to conservatives worked on Swift Boat campaign:

"Oliver Stone, that symbol of everything about Hollywood that conservatives love to hate, is getting help in marketing his newest movie from an unlikely ally: the publicity firm that helped devise the Swift boat campaign attacking John Kerry's Vietnam record in the 2004 presidential race," begins an article in Thursday's edition of the New York Times, RAW STORY has found.

According to a Salon report written two years ago, the firm Creative Response Concept is run by two former communication directors for Pat Buchanan, and has represented such clients as "the Christian Coalition, National Taxpayers Union, Media Research Council and Regnery Publishing."


Stone claims that while he had just learned about the firm's prior "political work" he wasn't surprised to hear about "skeletons in the closet" because it's an "impure market."


The Times reports that the studio decided that it wasn't necessary to also pitch to liberal groups.

"A Paramount spokesman said that the studio did not similarly pitch liberal groups in its multifront promotional campaign, reasoning that the entertainment press had covered that base," Halbfinger writes for the Times.


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