Monday, July 03, 2006

More Coulter Plagiarism On Way

Ann Coulter last night on Jay Leno (link):

This one -- this one was the least edited of my books.

Really? What a shock.

This professor would probably flunk the Godless author (thanks Ann for naming your book fits you to a T):

The Raw Story has some damning evidence that Ann Coulter plagiarized a section of her book from a pro-life web site.


That, my friend is plagiarism.

Further, it isn’t very good research and is poor argumentation. If one just find a list on the internet that support one’s point of view, that’s pure laziness. And, to make matter worse, if it is a list that itself lacks substantial sourcing to undergird its claims, the list is worthless.

I wouldn’t accept that kind of work from an undergraduate.

The Rude Pundit explains why this all matters:

In the scheme of things, no, the story of Coulter's plagiarism is not more important than anything going on in Iraq, any election, any bill or debate in Congress, anything going on in the economy, volcanoes, hurricanes, and more. But, in terms of news, it's a fuck of a lot more important than anything that has to do with a weeping Britney, Brangelina, a $1.7 million car that's a lemon, and a naked guy trying to get his girlfriend to marry him, all of which are receiving extensive coverage. The Coulter story is about the basic acceptance of dishonesty in the conservative movement. Indeed, the right functions only because of liars and cheats and grifters who are aided and abetted by a media that refuses to call them on their lies.

Except for the part about the naked guy...I'm in complete agreement with RP.

AGITPROP asks What if Coulter's publisher had to pull the book?

Imagine - what if we ineffective little bloggers could get Coulter's book pulled? By now, you know that The Rude Pundit and Raw Story have caught Coulter red-handed - much of her "book" is taken from other sources but not attributed - this is known as PLAGIARISM. And you may remember that Little Brown pulled Kaavya Viswanathan's first (and last) novel after they caught her lifting large portions from two books by Megan F. McCafferty.

AGITPROP provides the address and phone number for Coulter's publisher, Crown Publishing Group at Random House. If you contact the lovely people who publish books without much fact-checking, tell them there's more to come!

(originally posted on 6/26)


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