Tuesday, July 11, 2006

More Godless Coulter Plagiarism

New article at Raw Story:

An ongoing RAW STORY examination of possible plagiarism and failure to cite sources by conservative pundit Ann Coulter in her best-selling book Godless has uncovered more examples that have yet to be reported or viewed by her publisher.

In addition to the three examples identified by plagiarism expert John Barrie (commissioned by The New York Post), three other examples cited by The Rude Pundit, and a list of fifteen items already reported by RAW STORY, the continuing investigation has turned up four more examples.


In the sixth chapter (page 163), Coulter employs language similar to that in a February, 2005 article published in the New York Sun, written by David Salisbury, the Director of the Center for Educational Freedom at the Cato Institute, as well as numbers used in the Sun, without citing any source at all.

Coulter: "Between 1982 and 2001, spending on New York City public schools increased by more than 300 percent, clocking in at $11474 per pupil annually."

Salisbury: "In New York City, funding for public education has more than tripled since 1982, rising to $14.8 billion from $3.8 billion. In terms of per-pupil spending, that's an increase to $11,474 (for 2000-2001) from $4,165."

Coulter: "Only Washington, D.C., that hotbed of educational achievement, spends more per student."

Salisbury: "Only Washington, D.C., spends more, but doesn't get better results."

Read the rest at Raw Story.


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