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Sometimes Just Vis

(Update #3 added late Sunday night)

(It probably would be a good idea to read the last post, Is Governor Warner's blogger a Zodiac Freeper?, before reading this one which is essentially just another gathering of circumstantial evidence linking Jerome to the Vis Numar nickname which was also used at Free Republic and for political based astrology as late as last year)

(I buried my lead...the last update on bottom is the biggest piece of circumstantial evidence proving Jerome Armstrong was a Freeper that I have found so far)

On April 6, 2003 a new domain was procured for Astroworld as it officially flew from the coop and was handed over to Astrologer Sally McDonald.

On April 11, 2003, Astroworld went live. But along with the new address at, Jerome Armstrong also allowed the old address at to redirect there for a time (evidence of the redirection from spring to late 2003 can be examined at

On the comment thread for Astroworld's Gulf War Update, Sally leaves the following message:

thanks Janet, I have to thank JB Armstrong the original genius behind this site and my son Rob for getting this back up and turning it over to me all ready to go. There wouldn't be this site without them and I appreciate it beyond anything I can express.

Later in the comments, someone named Vis (just Numar) appears to speak for Jerome Armstrong, since he's the one that would be handling the redirection:

THis is it Nancy,, the old site's URL is being redirected to this one; and it's here for as long as Sally wants!

Not long after, by August 7 2003, Jerome stopped blogging at when he officially joined the Howard Dean campaign. But when was relaunched in the spring of 2004, the redirection came to an end and to this day will take you to


Vis Numar at Democratic Underground after linking to on May 23, 2002 then just comes out and basically admits that he's Jerome Armstrong in the conversation with DUers:

I looked pretty good at the numbers coming out of Indiana and Ohio, especially at the congressional level, here was the weblink:

Update 2

At on May 24, 2002, Jerome Armstrong posted a page on Amr Ibrahim Elgindy, the trader held by the FBI for insider trading the day before September 11.

Vis Numar has only two links in his personal section at Free Republic, one of which leads to a May 26, 2002 Freeper thread on Elgindy.

From's post:

What would appear is that Khaled Elgindy, brother of Ibrahim Elgindy who is being held by the FBI in connection with suspicious 9/11 trading, has been a DC activist aligned with McKinney as her Press Secretary. He then hooked up with Candidate Bush, which followed by his being appointed by the Bush Administration to the USCIRF, 2001-2002.

From a Vis Numar comment at Free Republic:

It actually gets even more interesting than Anthony being involved with FBI agents.

Anthony's brother is a pro-arab activist in DC. His name is Khaled, he was the former Press Secretary for Cynthia McKinney. In 2000, he worked with Candidate Bush, and is now a political appointee by this administration, a "Policy Analyst, U.S. Commission in International Religious Freedom".

Notice the similiar language and sequence in both posts: "DC" and "activist;" "Candidate Bush;" "appointee" and "appointed"; "U.S. Commission in International Religious Freedom" and "USCIRF."

In addition, MyDD and Vis Numar both pull the same two Elgindy "quotes that show his openness to Jewish and Christian thought," as Vis puts it at Free Republic.

Both also refer to the same stock Website that Jerome famously posted at.

From MyDD's post:

Here is his SI thread, Anthony @ Equity Investigations, Dear Anthony, where this is being posted on extensively.

From a Vis Numar comment at Free Republic:

Stockwatch out of Canada is the one who has done most of the research here. There are hundreds of posts on SI, and one of their PR's mentioned it: Started By: Anthony@Pacific.

Smearing Democratic Rep. Cynthia McKinney at Free Republic is an odd thing for a future Democratic consultant and Netsroots leader to would think...if this is the case as it more and more appears to be:

Khaled is pro-arab, but isn't aligned with the Taliban or anything like that, but obviously could have connections with them is his various positions in DC, and his being Egyptian/American. It could be, that he is/was both the source for Cynthia McKinney, and that he tipped off his brother Anthony too

But then there's this:

Sure, Anthony is a short trader to the extreme, but he made some very suspicious moves on Sept 10th. Trying to liquidate a 300k trust, just out of the blue, while saying the Dow is going to drop to 3000, at the same time he's moving assets into Lebanon... makes me wonder!

Let's take a further step into bizarro-world, this smear campaign may be directly related to Jerome Armstrong's SEC case.

At the comment board for TAPPED, Floyd Schneider, the source for the New York Post and Opinionator New York Times articles talked about Jerome and a defender brought up Floyd's connection to Elgindy.

Financial Wire story:

The fraud and shortseller trial of Anthony Elgindy unearthed the identity of at least one prominent previously anonymous Silicon Investor poster, The Truthseeker, a.k.a. Floyd Schneider, who posts on a number of companies, such as Genemaxx (OTCBB: GMXX), a company often covered by Dow Jones (NYSE: DJ) Newswires, Isonics (NASDAQ: ISON) and others

A lawyer from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Brent Baker, called to testify by Elgindy's defense team, was questioned about his contacts with Schneider, whose posts, like Elgindy's, are often supportive of the short-seller positioning.

Well we know the identities of at least two "prominent previously anonymous Silicon Investor posters" now.

Hey, is there time for a blogging conference on ethics where we can discuss if it's okay for a blogger to go after their enemies in such a manner? appears to have been built on an old indian burial ground site which will forever be haunted by its rotted, stinking past.

Update #3

The Commissar at The Politburo Diktat, a right leaning blog, unearthed this Vis Numar Democratic Underground post from March of 2002:

I just got my site back online, and it comes with a new update on the state by state congressional House elections:

And here's an example of synergy between Vis Numar at Democratic Underground and Vis Numar at Free Republic.

In my last post I mentioned a November 1, 2003 Vis Numar comment at Free Republic which referred to a post at the official Howard Dean Website, which was credited to former blogger then Dean blogger, Mathew Gross:

JJ Jr actually made some sense (from Dean's blog):

"...Lest we forget, the Confederate Flag is the Democratic Party's historic contribution to the South, and current Democratic candidates have not been able to figure out how to come to grips with their own historic symbol...."

A few hours later, Democratic Underground's Vis Numar began a thread on this at DU that was later locked by a moderator under the header: "Jackson Praises Dr. Dean on Bringing Economic Agenda To South (C. Flag)."

There may be a very reasonable explanation for all this. It's very possible that Jerome Armstrong isn't Vis Numar at Democratic Underground and Free Republic and instead is trapped in a real life remake of the movie "Single White Female."


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