Friday, July 21, 2006

Where John Lennon Meets Ann Coulter

(Note: This article was written by guest blogger Suskind. I don't think Coulter is very funny when she jokes about sending "anthrax letters" but I don't personally support any boycott or campaign to get her column dropped because of the "original" content in her articles. I wouldn't want the same to happen to Ted Rall, for instance. But aside from an editor's note I allow my guest bloggers to write what they want to write.)

Ann Coulter is a sociopath who is a syndicated columnist with Universal Press Syndicate. Her columns are carried in 100 newspapers nationwide. Universal Press Syndicate is a division of Andrews McMeel Universal whose client list includes Rizolli/Universal (publishers of art books), National Geographic, and Signatures, a San Francisco publicity firm representing 250 artists in the music industry among them Madonna and the late John Lennon.

The following is a letter to Rizolli/Universal, National Geographic and Signatures:

Dear Rizolli, Signatures, and National Geographic,

This letter is to call to your attention that Andrews McMeel Universal, of which you are a client affiliate, is the publisher, through Universal Press Syndicate, of Ann Coulter who has in recent weeks called for the death of the editor and staff of the New York Times.

On July 18, 2006 in an email to Jacob Bernstein of Women's Wear Daily, Ms. Coulter claimed responsibility for the envelope sent to the New York Times containing an editorial "Freedom of the Press" and a suspicious and threatening white powder. Under Federal law, this is a Class B Felony, terrorist hoax act. 1

Ann Coulter has also "joked" about killing other people, including Arabs, Muslims, and U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, Rep. John Murtha, and suggested that blowing up The New York Times building might be a good idea, especially if the reporters and editors were still inside. 2

As a result of her extremism, Ms. Coulter has been dropped from the Alexandria Chronicle, MSNBC, USA Today, The Cedar Rapids Gazette, The Arizona Daily Star, the Centre Daily Times, among others.

I am writing to ask you please to cease your business relationship with Andrews McMeel Universal, as the values you represent can in no way be considered consistent with those of Ann Coulter who is syndicated with and defended by Universal Press Syndicate. 3

Sincerely yours, M. Suskind

1. Jacob Bernstein; Memo Pad; Jacob Bernstein; Women's Wear Daily; July 18, 2006 2. Editor & Publisher; July 13, 2006; Coulter Backs Call for Execution of 'NYT' Editor; Ann Coulter: July 12, 2006N.Y. TIMES: BETTER DEAD THAN READ 3. Universal Executive Responds to 'E&P' Column on Ann Coulter

The Signatures list of 250 music industry clients can be found here

Addresses useful to demand dropping Ann Coulter:

Addresses useful to demand dropping Andrews McMeel Universal:

Other useful addresses:

Criminal Codes Terrorist Hoax Act:

Charges can be filed through: The Office of the New York State Attorney General where there are forms to fill out to report class b felony of Ann Coulter.


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