Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Alan Keyes and Randall Terry: Wingnuts Unite

Guest blogger: Michael Hussey

Will someone out there please Youtube this event. It's rare when two foaming-at-the-mouth-wingnuts are in public together.

This just in from a email:

"This is a SPECIAL MESSAGE from Dr. Alan Keyes, on behalf of Randall Terry: Dear Fellow Conservative: In less than 48 hours, I will board a plane and fly into the epicenter of one of the most critical and hotly contested campaigns in the nation. And I'm asking you to join me..."

Alan Keyes will use that campaigning magic, that served him so well in Illinois, to aid Randall Terry. Jeb Bush has endorsed Terry's opponent Jim King and issued this public dissing.

"Randall Terry made no positive contributions related to the issues related to Terri Schiavo," Bush said.

Terry does have the endorsement of Thomas Croom. Newspapers have not been so kind to Terry. It's that evil liberal media.

Terry and Kayes both don't live by their own families values. Keyes threw his daughter Maya out of his home when she told him she was gay. Terry has a son who is gay and another daughter who became a Muslim. The Youtube video contains more on the story. My experience is people who are extremely intorant have serious personal issues.


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