Thursday, August 03, 2006

Anti-Lieberman 'Lie or Die' Ad to Air

From my latest article at Raw Story, ImpeachPAC anti-Lieberman ad to air on Connecticut television:

A Connecticut cable television station has agreed to run an anti-Lieberman ad created by a Political Action Committee called ImpeachPAC, RAW STORY has found.


"The ad, called "Lie and Die," presents Iraq War lies by George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Joe Lieberman," according to a press release announcing that New England Cable News will begin broadcasting it to their 3.5 million subscribers, including 573,000 households in Connecticut.

The new advertisement opens with a shot of President Bush with the word "lie" covering his face next to the quote "Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa" as his voice from the 2003 State of The Union Address is heard. A loud crash is then heard, accompanied by a shot of Iraqi children killed in Iraq while the word "Die" fills the screen.

Link to the actual ad is in the Raw Story article, and it's pretty powerful so go check it out.

(Completely off-topic...but I wanted to link to this the other day, also at Raw Story: Report: Some 9/11 Commission members mulled criminal referrals for military officials. The Washington Post article referred to in the article is absolutely essential reading, even more so than the Vanity Fair article that it builds off of. I'll have more on this in some fashion hopefully soon)


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