Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Kenny & The Grey Lady Rock


...never thought I'd write this but...

Thanks, Ohio secretary of state J. Kenneth Blackwell.

With paper ballots from the 2004 presidential election in Ohio scheduled to be destroyed next week, the secretary of state in Columbus, under pressure from critics, said yesterday that he would move to delay the destruction at least for several months.


Lawyers for J. Kenneth Blackwell, the Ohio secretary of state, said although he did not have the authority to preserve the ballots, Mr. Blackwell would issue an order in a day or two that delays the destruction and that reminds local elections officials that they have to consult the public records commissions in each county.


The planned action of Mr. Blackwell, a Republican who is running for governor, and the threatened suit could draw attention to possible irregularities in the election that he supervised.

Although, obviously, the activists and online peeps deserve credit for this tiny, tiny maybe-just-fleeting victory, I think it's doubtful that this would have happened if The New York Times hadn't come a-knocking, since they pushed their story back a day before publishing.


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