Saturday, August 05, 2006

More Bad News For Lieberman

Guest blogger: Michael Hussey

The latest Quinnipiac University poll shows Ned Lamont leading Joe Lieberman 54% to 41%. Lieberman even admits that Namont "appears to be succeeding in making a referendum on George Bush and Iraq war."

Lieberman announces what everyone already knows. He will run as an independent if he loses. Which he will. Lieberman will lose in the general election and more likely hurt Alan Schlesinger than Namont. Lieberman is more popular with Republicans than Democrats. Both parties will view Lieberman as a threat. Joe's long time Republicans buddies that have been saying so many nice things will drop him after he has outlived his usefulness. The Democrat establishment will swallow their pride and back Namont. Lieberman will not have a party to help him fundraise. Namont has more money still untapped. I'm sure that Lieberman's next campaign finance report will show him tapped out from his TV blitz. Schlesinger only has $75,578 in the bank. Namont can dip into his personal fortune, if needed.

The race is Namont's to lose.


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