Monday, August 21, 2006


I heard of anti-censorship activist Seth Finkelstein long before I heard about just about anyone else in the blogosphere. I've long enjoyed the inciteful comments Finkelstein leaves at assorted blog postings, and I've seen his name bandied around a lot - especially when the topic of unsung Web heroes comes up. I've even taken part in a number of e-mail list cc exchanges with him.

But somehow - after close to three years of blogging here - I stupidly forgot to include him on my monstrous blogroll.

So, along with Seth's Infothought, I'll be adding a few blogs to my roll soon, and removing some of the ones that went out of business.

Censorship is certainly an issue addressed here a lot, and it's surprising that Finkelstein's name has never come up, but I'll make up for it in the future because he's certainly not unworthy.


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