Saturday, September 09, 2006

Bin Laden Been Missing

From my latest Raw Story article, New 'hard-hitting' DNC video slams Bush's 'new found interest' in Osama bin Laden two months before elections:

A new "hard-hitting" video released today by the Democratic National Committee slams Bush's "new found interest" in Osama bin Laden on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and two months before the mid-term elections, after "years of hardly mentioning" the al Qaeda leader.

The video shows the "Bush Administration's willingness to use fear and smear tactics to gain political advantage in a tough election year," according to a DNC press release.

"Specifically, after years of hardly mentioning Osama bin Laden, saying that 'he wasn't that concerned about him,' and closing down the CIA office charged with his capture, President Bush seemed to have a new found interest, citing the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks seventeen different times in a speech this week," the press release continues.

Mark Paustenbach, Deputy Press Secretary for the DNC, told RAW STORY that the video, for now, would be a web-only release, and that there were no plans to use it for any future fund-raising purposes.

Read the rest of the article at Raw Story.

Getting back to Pakistan, which I've been covering lately, as part of "a special hour of remembrances of that fateful day by some of our country's most well-known leaders and citizens," here's former Secretary of State Colin Powell spinning Hardball's Chris Matthews about our bestest buddies in Pakistan and how heroically they have performed during the global war for oil I mean on terror:

And within a day or so, we recognized that if we're going to have to do something in Afghanistan with the Taliban and al Qaeda, then it was going to require the help of Pakistan. And we gave them a list of things we wanted Pakistan to do, which essentially required Pakistan to completely reverse its policy with respect to the Taliban. They had been supporters of them, actively and tacitly. And we gave that to the intelligence chief and he sent it back to President Musharraf.

And the next day I called President Musharraf, and there were difficult demands, hard political choices that he had to make. And I talked to President Musharraf and said, you know, "We have to deal with this, and we are asking you for these things. And we understand it's a difficult choice for you, but we believe you should do this." And he said, "I'll do it."

A half-ass journalist might have asked Powell what it is that Pakistan has done except provide harbor for Taliban and Qaeda militants, but Matthew's next question was so stupid I'm not even going to excerpt it.


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