Friday, September 01, 2006

Conyers Explicit About Implicit

Congressman John Conyers schools The Wall Street Journal on the difference between "explicit" and "implicit."

Also, from my Raw Story article, Republican advisor to Iraq veterans group blasts Bush Admin. for 'fascist' language:

The Republican advisor to a political action committee founded by veterans is blasting the Bush Administration for using "fascist" language in some recent speeches and interviews, and for its "unwillingness to devise a victory plan" to end the war in Iraq.

"I am a proud Republican, who ran for my party's nomination for Congress in Indiana, because I believe in traditional values," said Sam Schultz, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan with the Indiana Army National Guard and acts as the Republican Senior Advisor to, in a press release received by RAW STORY.

"I also believe we need to be vigilant in defending America," Schultz continued. "That is why I feel I must speak out about the Administration's recent contention that the war in Iraq is part of the fight against 'Islamic fascism.'"

Yesterday, the Associated Press reported that fascism "seems to be the new buzz word for Republicans in an election season dominated by an unpopular war in Iraq."

"Bush used the term earlier this month in talking about the arrest of suspected terrorists in Britain, and spoke of 'Islamic fascists' in a later speech in Green Bay, Wis," the AP reported. "Spokesman Tony Snow has used variations on the phrase at White House press briefings."

Schultz explained why he thinks "fascism" is an inappropriate word for the Bush Administration to use.

Read the rest at Raw Story.


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