Friday, September 22, 2006

NBRA: Many White & Black FReepers

From my Raw Story article, Black Republican group's ad accuses Dems of starting KKK, claims MLK was Republican:

A radio advertisement running in Maryland, produced by the National Black Republican Association, has been drawing heat for claiming that Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was really a Republican and that Democrats opposed all civil rights legislation from the 1860's to the 1960's and were responsible for starting the Ku Klux Klan.

Although it doesn't mention any candidates, the advertisement is being aired to support Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele as he runs against 10-term Congressman Benjamin L. Cardin for the first open Maryland Senate seat in two decades. Last year, Democratic Senator Paul Sarbanes announced that he wouldn't be seeking reelection to a sixth term.

The 60-second advertisement is shaped as a casual conversation between two African-American women, with one explaining to the other how Democrats have "bamboozled" blacks into believing that their party has done more for the civil rights movement than the Republican Party.


The AP also notes that the NBRA "describes itself on its Web site as 'a resource for the black community on Republican ideals'" but "does not say how many members it has."


[Journalist-blogger Steve] Gilliard told RAW STORY that the ad was particularly offensive because "it assumes that blacks are unsophisticated voters, who are driven by emotion," when Maryland just "may have the highest concentration of blacks with advanced degrees on the planet."

"So to try and rewrite history is insulting," Gilliard added. "People know the history of the two parties and this is just offensive."

You have got to go to Raw Story to hear this advertisement, if you haven't already.

At the Free Republic Website, user JulieRNR21, a friend of NBRA president Frances Rice, often puts up posts with the latest National Black Republican Association news and revisionism.

From a thread asking for help to fund "local chapters to build a network of black Republican activists across the country whose growth and activities will be supported by the NBRA," JulieRNR21 notes:

Many white as well as black FReepers have joined the NBRA.

And later in the same thread:

Many FReepers (of all colors and ethnicity) are joining NBRA to support their Grassroots Campaign to educate Blacks that the Republican Party is where they belong!


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