Tuesday, September 12, 2006

White House Buys Off Media Again - Film At Eleven

Guest blogger: Michael Hussey

The Bush administration continues the tradition of Armstrong Williams and Medicare ads made to look like news stories. The White House gets it's good press the old-fashioned way. They pay for it with tax dollars.

MIAMI, Sept. 8 — The Bush administration’s Office of Cuba Broadcasting paid 10 journalists here to provide commentary on Radio and TV Martí, which transmit to Cuba government broadcasts critical of Fidel Castro, a spokesman for the office said Friday.

The group included three journalists at El Nuevo Herald, the Spanish-language sister newspaper of The Miami Herald, which fired them Thursday after learning of the relationship. Pablo Alfonso, who reports on Cuba for El Nuevo Herald, received the largest payment, almost $175,000 since 2001.

The Bushies keep getting caught and they keep paying off members of the media. The General Accounting Office ruled on the Medicare ads that they " violated the prohibition on using taxpayer money for propaganda." Besides, they are plenty of people at the National Review and Weekly Standard who would be more than happy to shrill free.


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