Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fundamental Civil War

Axl said it best:

"Look at the shoes you're filling

Look at the blood we're spilling

Look at the world we're killing

The way we've always done before

Look at the doubt we've wallowed

Look at the leaders we've followed

Look at the lies we've swallowed

And I don't want to hear no more"

From the Times Online:

On talk shows yesterday senior Republicans for the first time said that Iraq was in a civil war.

Chuck Hagel, a Republican senator and Vietnam veteran who has long criticised the Administration over its conduct of the war, said: "The American people are no longer going to support a strategy that puts American troops in the middle of a civil war."

During an interview on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos that aired earlier today, President George Bush went further than just deny any civil war in Iraq:

STEPHANOPOULOS: I know you don't think that Iraq is in the middle of a civil war...

BUSH: Right.

STEPHANOPOULOS: ... Right now.

BUSH: Right.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But whatever you call it, aren't American men and women now dying to prevent Sunnis and Shiites from killing each other?

BUSH: No. George, I -- it's dangerous. And you're right, no matter what you call it.

The fundamental question is: Are we on our way to achieving a goal, which is an Iraq that can defend itself, sustain itself and govern itself and be an ally in the war on terror in the heart of the Middle East.

Stephanopoulos' question was the one that was fundamental, and the president refused to accept that US troops were being killed as a result of a civil war which he fundamentally was responsible for sparking in Iraq.

Bush's question-answer to the question was a case of fundamental revision.

Federal News Service left out a key word in their transcript today:

MR. STEPHANOPOULOS: I know you think that Iraq is in the middle of a civil war right now.


Silly me read that transcript first and thought that President Bush made a mistake and told the fundamental truth for once.


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