Tuesday, October 31, 2006

GOP Jumps Shark But Who's Counting

Today's ridiculousness about a slight gaffe made by a Democratic Senator who once fought in a war, yet is not even running for re-election, is beyond belief.

Yes, indeed, the GOP jumped the shark today.

But their show isn't in any danger of being cancelled because there's a slim chance in Hell that this election will be any more fair than the ones that transpired over the last six years.

The personal, meaningless, non-political attacks from both sides over the last month or so, frankly, make me want to vomit.

One side is glad that their party is finally throwing dirt around, while the other side has ratcheted up the madness in order to "qualify" and "explain" the inevitable victorious results due to come which will not match any polling.

I apologize for contributing to this mess, even though I try to be as fair as I can be. But, yeah, this dirty campaign is all our own fault. We suck.


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