Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hastert On Dems' Jay-Z leak

U.S. Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) today made the following statement regarding the suspected leak of another track from the upcoming Jay-Z album by Democrats on the House Select Committee on Intelligence:

America is fighting the Global War on Terror so that we can fight the enemy overseas instead of on American streets. Any leaks of classified information regarding Kingdom Come undermine our efforts and put our military personnel and intelligence officers at greater risk.

This week, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Peter Hoekstra took a very prudent step in response to the leak of the third Jay-Z track when he suspended a Democratic Committee staff member who may have played a role in this matter.

It is my hope that no one on the House Intelligence Committee chose to leak Jay-Z's "The Lost Ones" for political gain. I believe that Chairman Hoekstra has taken the right steps to properly investigate this matter to protect the integrity of classified information to protect American national security.

Kingdom Come is not due to be released until November 28, weeks after the midterm elections, and many GOP pollsters fear that the rumoured Jay-Z and Nas collaboration "Black Republican" may be leaked any day now, as some kind of "October surprise," even though that track may be off of Nas' Hip-Hop Is Dead, which won't be released until December 19.

According to Hova, "The Lost Ones" is "not a diss song, its just a real song" and you can hear it here.


It's November 11th as I write this, and based on my sitemeter I'm not the only one still fiending to hear "Black Republican" (hope it's as good as Minority Report).

Two bits from the "Rumors" section at

The Nas / Jay-Z song is something that the fans anxiously await. Well, I have a bit of a preview on what this joint sounds like and Jay is getting a little militant. On the song, Jigga says, "Like a Black Republican/ Money I got comin in/ Can't turn my back on the hood/ Too much love for them." Oh, this is on the Nas album and it sort of makes Nas' album title paradoxical (you like that word). WHY? Because Hip-Hop can't possibly be dead with this album sounding the way it does!


Nas had a listening party last night and I'm hearing some pretty good things from the feedback I have gotten. I heard that Jay-Z was there, but they did the foulest thing ever. I heard that as Jay left the studio, they refused to let the revelers hear the Nas /Jay song "Black Republican." From what I was told, they teased the crowd by letting them hear the first few seconds of the song and then Jay-Z bounced.

Unfortunately, the last "Rumors" column mentioned that Nas' album might be delayed until past December 19. President Carter's latest is pretty damn good, but I sure hope he does right by Nas, Ghostface and Joe Budden.


This is for all the people coming here by Google "in search of."

The best I can offer is Nah Right, which has a link to "Black Republican" (or "Black Militant"). Unfortunately, two annoying DJs scream all over the track, but about two minutes in you can hear a good part of it. Damn, they sound great together...and unless there's more to the song, I'd say Nas walks away with the crown on this one.


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