Monday, November 20, 2006

Adios Amigo

Tas at Loaded Mouth is bidding a fond "fuck you" adieu to the blogosphere:

...In 2003, I started as a writer who was just learning about blogging before it became a household word, The desire for more readers drove me to become a blogger who frequently attacked others in order to be more outrageous, which I had hoped would make me become more well known.

And now... Now, I'm sick of being part of the problem.

I met Tas online after the RNC in NYC in 2004, and we've been friends ever since. Working with Tas on stories about a fake Democratic blogger in early 2005 and our frequently frustrating, foolish and - finally - failed campaigns to democratize the liberal blogosphere are two things I'll always look back on with fondness. Hopefully, we'll see some Tas guest-blogging here from time to time in the future.


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