Sunday, November 05, 2006

Blogs I've Been Peepin'

Since changing my template, I still have a ton of links to re-add to my blogroll, and a few new ones, which I hope to get to shortly, but here's a list of the five blogs that I've been reading most regularly lately:

Luke's Wot Is It Good 4 is usually my first stop each day. Along with the hottest links - backed with commentary sometimes profound, sometimes edgy, sometimes mocking, sometimes makes you go huh - Luke also does a lot of original reporting, including great interviews with an emphasis on the intel and Iraq tip (plus an added special feature is that Luke usually highlights emptywheel posts at The Next Hurrah, including choice comments left there by ew, special guests and sock puppets, that I might have otherwise missed).

TPMmuckraker simply rocks. Paul Kiel and Justin Rood are two of my favorite journalists, by far. Except for the (flawed, overly partisan and pretty petty: yeah i know kind of weak to diss without explaining...but i can't go into detail on this because it deals with stuff i've been working on for over a year which isn't close to being finished yet, unfortunately) coverage of a certain Democratic Senator's questionable practices, I'm in awe of these guys.

Notes from a Different Kitchen is the best one stop when I need a fix of hip hop and politics. Awesome downloads and well-linked political rants keep me addicted.

Mike Rogers is another good friend on this short list (of course, I'm also still peeping Tas, TCI, Michael, Brad, Jay, and the Brassers). And blogActive has been a hot spot the last month due to Foley and company.

The Fourth Rail by Bill Roggio has probably gotten more links by this blog than anywhere else the last month. Bill's going back to Iraq to report shortly...I hardly ever even leave Brooklyn (though if I had the opportunity to go there I would jump at it). It's nice to see a lot more liberal blogs linking to Bill these days, because his work really isn't partisan, and much of his stuff on Pakistan and Afghanistan hasn't really been warmly received on the right (until that recent "fly swat" strike which looked for a minute to be politically useful for them). Except for his occasional forays into unskeptically reporting on unauthenticated Iraqi documents released by a former terrorist spokesman who has deep ties to Iran, Roggio's stuff is some of the best out there.

And this is like the only artist I've been listening to the last month:

Best rapper alive? I dunno...maybe.


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