Thursday, November 23, 2006

Imagine There's No Blogosphere's easy if you try.

I said goodbye to Tas the other day, it's time to say welcome to Larisa!

Larisa Alexandrovna started a new site called at-Largely which will allow her to blog unplugged-style, in between breaking stories left and right and back again at Raw Story.

Here's a Thanksgiving Day treat, a track from the new mixtape by DJ Kay Slay, Drama Season Begins Now, which pairs Nas and Pitbull over John Lennon's "Imagine." It isn't a sample of "Imagine." It is Imagine: Lennon starts the track, Nas grabs the mic for a bit before passing it back, then Pitbull follows John. It's not too often when you hear rappers slangin' over an untouched track, and as Kay Slay notes half-way through, "I know this shit ain't gettin' fuckin' way."

Miami Cuban-American rapper Pitbull really shines on this:


America land of the free

America land of opportunity

America what's the point of having a Statue of Liberty

If you turning refugees back at sea

Music was made to move even the devil he dances

I got a lot of questions and I’m searching for answers

We're taught to believe in religion

But religion's the reason the twin towers are missing

Listen that was the past but maybe now you realize

The man above is the only thing that keeps us alive

We breathe the same air we bleed the same blood

Imagine all people treated equal

Imagine one love

Get Imagine here.


Despite its appearance on the latest Kay Slay mixtape, it turns out that this Nas/Pitbull/Lennon track is over two-and-a-half years old, and was previously featured on Pitbull's mixtape, Unleashed Vol. 3, as dissed in the Village Voice. I imagine it's been on other mixtapes, as well, though I don't think I ever heard it before.


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