Friday, November 17, 2006

Things I Learned This Week

I have nothing to write today because I've wasted too much time pursuing stories I've seen elsewhere, which, upon further research, turned out to be either incorrect or questionable.

Without mentioning names of erroneous bloggers on the right and left, here is what I learned this week (and, yeah, this is one of those annoying "inside baseball" posts that I write from time to time which pisses off people who don't know exactly who or what I'm exactly referring to...but everything in Googlable for those who need to know or are bored):

Victoria Clarke, former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, most definitely does not blog at Free Republic using the handle "Torie."

Many White House videos from 2003 have large black bars at the top and bottom, but that does not necessarily mean that they're trying to hide stuff from being seen.

Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney did not buy Clear Channel.

Bloggers reporting about how a purportedly leaked memo matches up perfectly with the way that stories were reported on a certain cable news channel, either accidently, conveniently or deliberately overlook the fact that one of the items on that memo was not a done deal on that day.

To be a little more specific, that certain cable news channel, which I happened to be watching all morning on the day in question, did not stick to the memo's script and report that a Republican Senator was definitively conceding. In fact, the channel went out of its way to suggest that nearly every single report that said a concession was imminent may not be accurate.

Does this mean that the memo is a fake? Not necessarily. Perhaps another memo was sent out later that same day with different "instructions."

But how come - as far as I know - I'm the only person who noticed this?


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