Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What Is Okinawa

The question being why it's absolutely ridiculous that a Democratic Congressman being considered for the Majority Leader position is considered as some kind of saviour for our failed Iraq adventure.

"We can go to Okinawa," Rep. John Murtha believes. "We can redeploy there almost instantly."

For some reason, the only Democrat who has a clue about what to do in Iraq, John Kerry, is the subject of widespread ridicule and venom by online progressives, but a dude who seriously thinks that troops protecting oil in the Middle East can be redeployed to a nation over five thousand miles away - that doesn't even want us there anymore - is some sort of viable exit strategy.

Do the "powers that be" want Murtha for his Iraq policies? Or do they prefer Dems with less liberal leanings? Got me.


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