Tuesday, December 26, 2006

DeLay Blog's Traffic 'Surge' and Plummet

From my latest Raw Story article, Novak: Conservatives may resign from board if DeLay hired as lobbyist; Obama running in 2008:

In a Christmas Eve column for the Chicago Sun-Times, conservative columnist Robert Novak claims he has heard of potential resignations of Board members at the American Conservative Union, should former Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX) be hired as a lobbyist for the organization.

DeLay told the The New York Times just last week that he would be announcing some new "career moves" soon, but said that the "one career that he was not considering" would be lobbying.

Two former aides to the Texas Congressman "have pleaded guilty to corruption charges involving the lobbyist Jack Abramoff," Philip Shenon wrote for The Times. "Federal prosecutors have never directly suggested that Mr. DeLay was in their sights in the Abramoff investigation, though friends have said Mr. Abramoff’s guilty plea last January prompted Mr. DeLay’s resignation from Congress."


DeLay's last "career move" was to enter the blogosphere, setting up shop on the Internet at TomDeLay.com. The same web address that used to host the former Congressman's campaign site has been transformed into the home for "Tom DeLay’s Grassroots Action and Information Network."


RAW STORY reported on DeLay's blogging efforts on December 10 (Former Rep. DeLay, indicted on state campaign finance charges, begins new 'career' as blogger). MNBC's Keith Olbermann later mocked DeLay for using "ghost bloggers" to produce posts.

Although DeLay's blog traffic received an early boost after RAW STORY - and liberal blogs such as Crooks and Liars and Think Progress - first reported on the site, a search at Alexa's traffic rankings reveals that the "surge" ended over a week before Christmas.

Full article at Raw Story. It's worth the trip to see the Alexa traffic ranking chart showing DeLay's traffic "surge" and plummet, and don't miss Novak's far-fetched "scoop" that security fears based on Senator Obama's race were what turned Barack into Hamlet and made his wife the opposite of Lady Macbeth.


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