Saturday, December 09, 2006

Odds & Penis Ends

From Page accuses Kolbe of suppressing sexually-explicit messages from Foley:

According to the “Investigation of Allegations Related to Improper Conduct Involving Members and Current or Former House Pages” (what's become known as the “Page Report”), in October 2001 Congressman Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) received--and tried to suppress--sexually-explicit communications sent by Rep. Mark Foley to a House page Kolbe had sponsored the previous semester.

That communication, the former page told the authors of the report, involved Foley making “reference to the size of his penis,” via Instant Message. An image of that portion of the report follows:


Though the subcommittee "found the former page to be credible and his testimony to be plausible," they remained inconclusive about the likelihood that Kolbe had seen the instant messages the boy forwarded to him:


Still later in the report's account of Kolbe's involvement in the page scandal, it is stated that, according to the former page, Kolbe warned him, “it is bes[t] that you don't even bring this up with anybody.... [T]here is no good that can come from it if you actually talk about this. The man [Foley] has resigned anyway.

Read the rest of that article, which I worked on with Brian Beutler at Raw Story. I think Paul Kiel at TPMMuckraker beat us to the publish line by about twenty minutes, but except for ABC's The Blotter, no other media outlets had this for hours yesterday.

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