Friday, December 15, 2006

S. Carter for President 2008

"There's a better option for the '08 election," Jordan Bartel writes for the Carroll County Times, "Forget Hillary and Barack. McCain? Nah. Newt, Guiliani, Edwards? Take a seat."

Bartel notes that Jay-Z aka Jigga aka Hova aka S. Carter aka Def Jam President/CEO is passionate about "several" social issues:

Born in housing projects in Brooklyn, he certainly knows the plight of the working class poor. He's also into looking at fair trade practices, knows when to boycott Cristal and has joined with MTV to fight global water shortages.

Certainly a Hurricane Katrina debacle would never happen under his watch.

You can forget about any invasion of Iraq under a S. Carter Administration, as well.

In fact, as most folks forget, Jigga was quite possibly the first major recording artist in this country to take a stand against the war in Iraq...and that was before the war in Iraq had even begun.

Days before "shock and awe" began in March of 2003, Jay-Z rapped, "We rebellious, we back home, Screaming 'Leave Iraq alone!'" on Punjabi MC's "Beware of the Boys."

At the least, we might get a new presidential anthem:

We all love "Hail to the Chief," but perhaps its time for a change. Maybe a rap? More sampling from "Annie"? The sky's the limit. Maybe he could even rap it himself when he enters a room. It'll save money: that presidential band doesn't come cheap.

(hat tip to Nah Right)

Jigga doing "Beware of the Boys" live:


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