Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Everybody Loves Something

From my Raw Story article, 'Not everybody [in Hollywood] loves [conservative] Patricia':

The conservative politics – contrarian to Hollywood – of former Everybody Loves Raymond star Patricia Heaton are discussed in a New York Times article published on New Year's Eve.

Jesse Green reports that Heaton and her late co-star Peter Boyle, who portrayed her father-in-law on the popular sitcom, often "passed much of their downtime jousting about politics."

"More conservative than he, she would call him a 'pinko flag-burning Commie," Green writes. "He would counter, 'So tell me about this Christian God of yours.' Feeling unarmed for such battles, Ray Romano, the show’s star, said he usually hustled off 'to see what the new doughnut was at the craft table.'"

Note to readers: Sorry, if I teased you with the more regular blogging the last week, but I'm real busy again at RS, so unless guest bloggers check in, there might not be much new here this week.


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