Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sorry, Bloomberg

Press 'swarm' as Pentagon leadership, protester 'enjoy' chat

Leaked remarks: Kennedy to say Senate not told about Iraq rules of engagement

Over 1,000 protesters spell out 'IMPEACH!' on beach in Pelosi's district

Paper: 'Blood and oil; How the West will make a killing on Iraqi oil riches'

Video: Fox crew 'bashes' Boxer for 'childless Condi slur:' White House spokesman later calls senator 'tacky'

DeLay's editor once married to Ex-Majority Leader's former spokesman, speechwriter

Pelosi: Bush's 'surges' didn't work twice before, why do it now again?

'Coalition of the Willing' allies at odds on surge; Blair says 'no'

Iranian TV claims Iraq rushed Saddam's execution to thwart alleged US escape plan

Dean: 'Sorry, Bloomberg,' Democrats choose Denver for 2008 national convention


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