Monday, February 26, 2007

Scorsese, baby

While I was psyched to see Martin Scorsese win best director finally on Sunday night, I was kind of disappointed that "The Queen" lost out on best film. Being a huge fan of the original Hong Kong film "Infernal Affairs," it's hard to measure the film without thinking about all the wonderful things that got cut out.

But Stephen Frears "The Queen" really knocked me out, especially the foreshadowing of what would later happen to the film's "hero," the newly elected Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Apologies to all of my readers, but it's really tough for me to blog here since I'm working nearly 24-7 at Raw Story now as Managing Editor. So busy, that it's tough for me to even find the time to link to the articles I've written there, and the ones by our other talented writers, as well.

But here's a link to my Oscar article, Orchestra drowns out Gore's 'announcement' at Oscars:

Pressed by Best Actor nominee Leonardo DiCaprio to announce something important at the 79th Academy Awards on Sunday night, former Vice President Al Gore - an Oscar nominee himself for his hit global warming documentary - took a little too long to get to the 'kicker,' so the orchestra drowned him out.

Gore appeared as a special guest of DiCaprio's, who told the crowd that the Oscars had turned green, as he used the occasion to call on the US government to introduce legislation that would enforce a reduction of carbon emissions.

Read the rest at Raw.


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