Tuesday, August 31, 2004

RNC & Kathie Lee

I'm getting to love the smell of elephant dung in the morning.

All around Manhattan, people of all ages and political (or non-political or anti-political) affiliations are showing the Republican delegates the consequences of invading the most well-informed city in the world.

Not that there's anything we have to say that they want to listen to. And there's really no sense in trying to engage a delegate in conversation or reasoning with them; all you'll get is a smirk or an irrelevant rejoinder about 9-11 (don't you dare come here and lecture us, we're the ones that lived through it!).

So why not scare them shitless by showing them the unwelcome mat?

The best place on the web to find out what's-going-on-where is at the New York Indymedia website (Protest Updates).

I'm working on a bunch of stories about Sunday's march, the assorted non-sanctioned demonstrations, and my night at the Tank (with the RNC counter-bloggers) And I have tons of awesome PICTURES to post. But, right now, I'm too busy keeping up with the going-ons inside and out of my beloved Madison Square Garden (Home of the Knicks invaded by the Dicks).

Make sure to check back on Saturday for full reports and (did I mention?) PICTURES!

Here's one tidbit from the frontline of the anti-RNC battleground:

Sunday, after the rally, unpermitted protests were staged outside the eight Broadway theaters that hosted RNC matinees. While I staked out the entrance to the Lion King theater (The Lying Kings...part 2 to be posted on Saturday), a friend of mine took in the sidewalk show in front of the Palace Theater, where another bad Disney creation - Aida - gobbles up valuable Broadway space.

Seen exiting the theater with the RNC delegates was child-labor exploiter Kathie Lee Gifford. When "she's-no-Kelly-Ripa" saw the throng of people, chanting and panting (from the long hot day) she must have gotten confused, because it's doubtful that they were fans of her "musical" career.

Ms. (or is it still Mrs.) Gifford attempted to do what she does best: smile and wave. But she was met with a chorus line of hearty Bronx cheers (or - should-I-say - quotes from the Dick Cheney playlist).

Frowning like a teenage hooker jumping into a cab with Frank Gifford (ouch), Kathie Lee tried to play it off by claiming that everyone was "just being jealous." My friend - as suave as can be - told her to "go get another facelift, hag." She left in a huff to wherever it is that chirpy, airhead ex-morning talk-show hosts go when they're no longer taking up airtime.

You might think my friend acted kind of mean. But think what might have been said if Regis Philbin were there instead.


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