Wednesday, January 26, 2005

You Don't Link It, You Stole It

(UPDATE 1-27: In anger, I hurled some harsh words (and accusations in this post at two of my fellow Democratic bloggers (not that that's anything new). But, as of this moment, all beefs are squashed, and I feel that my claims of authorship have been rightfully acknowledged. Of course, if this story hits the MSM, under similiar circumstances, I'll probably revert to asshole mode again. But I doubt that I'll ever have to worry about that, because the MSM only recognizes right-leaning bloggers. I'm not changing a word of what I wrote, though, because it's what I felt at the time, and I believe that us Democratic (liberals to centrists...everyone in between) and like-minded independent bloggers need to help each other more and more frequently link to one another like our lives are depending on it, because they do.)

I'm sorry, Matt, and I'm sorry, Rick. But fuck you, Ricky, for not giving me and Tas credit in your "full disclosure." And only a few hours after I revealed that you were the New Soldier copyright infringer!)

I have much, much more about Ricky. Wait till you see what.

But I want to get all Tom petty for a moment.

I'm so glad that no other bloggers have ever tried to steal the title of my blog. But there are worse things that can be stolen.

A few days ago, while working on the Ricky story, I paid a visit to a real centrist Democrat's blog which had been feeding hits to the serial blogger. Rick Heller had a post entitled "Which is The Real New Democrat" (Centrist Coalition) which mentioned a 17 year old prodigy named Max whose blog's name, New Democrat, had been hijacked by Ricky the Freeper. Mr. Heller took Max's side (so do I), but...get this...he still was thinking about giving Ricky a permalink. "On the merits, the new blogger seems to be a Zell Miller Democrat, who likes George Bush better than John Kerry. Not my cup of tea, but within the parameters of centrism, and I would be willing to add the blog to the centrist blogroll, but not under the same name as an already existing blog."

On a mission to stop the Jenna Bush lovin' wannabe science fiction religious cult leader from causing even more havoc, I left this comment on the Centerfield blog (just a few hours after he posted): "And what makes you so sure Ricky is who he says he is? I think you might want to check out my blog to find out a few things about the "new democrat." Why Are We Back In Iraq?

So, Rick (and centrist company) came to my blog and read the WORK I had done (Tas at Loaded Mouth first post didn't appear until later that same snowy night), and left this comment viewable down below (Holy Amazonia, Mole Man!): "I've offered to blogroll Ricky if he is an authentic centrist, but given the information you've provided, I will certainly need more clarification from him before I would do." (okay...instead of just quoting it...go read it for yourself and come back here, please).

At least a few days later (after a number of posts by me: here and elswhere...and Tas's articles which Rick also visited and left comments at...which led to Ricky's "full disclosure" which has now been removed from his blog), Rick (confusing huh...rick and ricky...not the same...but...) updated that prior post, adopting a diffent view to the unethical serial blogger: "Based on this and additional information I've received, I conclude that he is an unethical individual, perhaps the most unethical blogger I'm come across in my three years in the blogosphere."

Is that so, Rick?

Today, Rick wrote another article which incorporated all the work Tas and I have done (Tas is given a link, at least, but it's provided in this clause: "now, the charge is going around" "Now" in after Rick's work reading our blogs I presume): Blog Name Theft. There's no need to provide any more quotes from this post...since you've already fucking read it before here.

That 17 year old prodigy, Max, also blogged about "Rickygate" (The [real] New Democrat), but he was considerate enough to provide a link to my story (credited as "a great commentary on the website in question" Thank you, Max. I enjoyed checking out your blog...and I plan to link to you...No, On Gonzales is a must read).

Then there's this guy. This big time blogger.

Matt Stoller has a short post entitled Intellectual Theft at his Blogging of the President, which includes this pithy line "It's typical and unwritten that you don't take someone's blog name."

Glad you believe in some form of ethics, Matt. How's that blogging for Simon Rosenberg going?


Me, Ricky, Matt Stoller and Simon Rosenberg have a history. On January 14, 2005 we all weighed in on the Kos/Trippi affair. I take that back. While I (and even Ricky) weighed in with opinions, Matt Stoller just acted like the asshole he apparently is.

Fuck both of you, Rick and Matt.

Now I'm gonna go back to actually doing some work instead of violating the "typical and unwritten."

(Thanks to Chebooka, Republican Sinners, The Common Ills for giving me credit for my hard work, and the other bloggers who left comments from the link whoring I did at Atrios and elsewhere. And, Atrios, my name isn't Roy.)


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