Sunday, February 12, 2006

Is Hamsher Faster Than Malkin?

February 11, 2006 4:30 PM

Firedoglake blog, Jane Hamsher on Barbara Comstock:

Suspiciously left the DoJ on October 1, 2003 -- right on the heels of the Plame case being referred by the CIA for investigation.

February 11, 2006 6:01 PM

Haloscan comment thread at Firedoglakeblog, Ron Brynaert on Jane Hamsher on Barbara Comstock:

Barbara Comstock resigned from the DoJ on September 9th, 2003 (announced it the day before).

CIA's George Tenet called for DoJ to investigate the leak on September 28th, 2003.

Four minutes later comment acknowledged by a friend (and ePluribusMedia comrade) on the same thread...who I'm assuming by the response provided the info for Hamsher's post.

Time of this post - as I write this line: 2:39 AM...close to nine hours later...and estimating from FDL's site counter: 15,000 readers since I pointed out a grievous error that remains uncorrected.

In comparison:

June 12, 2005 9:30 PM

Ron Brynaert corrects Michelle Malkin.

Sometime on June 13, 2005 before at least 8:20 PM, correction added to Malkin's post with lines crossed through most of the original entry.

This post will be the extent of my Blog rage on this, even if the Malkin deadline passes with no correction of a far more grievous error than Deborah Howell or anyone at the Washington Post ever made.

Tick tock. Tick tock.

(And nevermind the what-I-perceived-as distortion that I later pointed out or - completely unrelated - the what-I-perceive-as misogynistic title of Hamsher's post which is symbolic of that 'Blog rage' again. Let me also add...again...that I enjoy reading FDL but the theories taken as facts by readers who should know better and the frequent errors that never seem to be corrected and the increased devotion and ad infinitum linkage to the usual suspect a-list circle jerk incestuous blogs which don't need the traffic and which many times don't deserve it - but did help the former film producer/Tarantino-basher rise so fast to the top - are beginning to make me think - more than anything - that that blog is just plain dangerous.)

(Postscript: I didn't embed links in the comment I left at FDL partly because Hamsher linked to the source with the correct date of Comstock's resignation in the first place - which evidently none of her readers have noticed - and I figured "Columbo" would have enough to go on. The date regarding Tenet can be easily verified in a Google search.)

(Post-Postscript: On a related note...check out this post which contains a running debate between Paul Lukasiak and me partly regarding an infamous comment he left at the Washington Post blog which was removed. That comment has been linked by Hamsher a few times...and at a few different's also been mentioned at countless other blogs on the internet. As you can see, Lukasiak - who I admire and respect a lot - acknowledged that there were errors in that comment that almost everyone on the left side of the blogosphere touts as the "holy truth" that the Washington Post doesn't want anyone to see. And Lukasiak has mentioned the inaccuracies at FDL and countless other blogs...but no corrections have been added anywhere. The Washington Post is evil to many because they let close to a week go by without correcting their error but the so-called, self-correcting blogosphere can't admit that sometimes they fuck up too.)


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