Monday, June 26, 2006

'I like spit on their ugly Dum face'

I never had so much trouble picking out a title before because there is just so much wild stuff on this haloscan message thread to a post I wrote in March of 2005.

Evidently, Gore2008 objected to a post I wrote about him...then got mad when I wouldn't respond on the thread to his scribblings. The fact that he left the comments five months after I wrote the post I guess didn't give him a clue why I was silent.

Anyway here's a taste of my March of 2005 post, followed by a bunch of Gore2008's responses (like I said, it was hard to pick and choose and the ones I left out are just as quote-worthy), as it's only fair for people to read his side of the story.

Today, a diary at Daily Kos got my attention. It got a bunch of Kossacks' attention as well.

The diary, which is just a "copy-and-paste" from Wikipedia of some anti-Hillary stuff was started by a bozo who calls himself Gore2008.


Other wackadoo comments at Daily Kos and elsewhere: "By the way you Democrats are the one who has to be blamed for that.Because You are the one voted for him and elected him." "I repeat if there is no Al Gore then No one else. How do I know this?? Its the same way I knew that Kerry would loose in 2004. Believe it or Not. Miracles do happen in this world although this world is controlled by the demon's Power." " Why don't you all get real and accept the reality and deal with it instead of Fantacizing. I wish that I could leave this plannet right now and go where I am belonged to instead dealing with you all, thats not going to happen any time soon. In other words I am responsible for my own destiny and I am struct here dealing with all these Premature and Imature beings." "Dean won't goto hell, you repubs will goto to Hell 2000000%."


One primary motive behind starting the Run Al Gore Website seemed to be to spread a bunch of lies about Howard Dean: "BreadandWine you have the nerve to Tell us that you want to make AL Gore as VP for Dean, Ok why don't you call AL Gore's office and tell him that right now. You are under the influence of some kind of Narcotics may be, You are under hallucination. Bush will easily defeat him this time, may be he can run again in 2008. I am sure you can become his Chief of Staff. Here are the links for Deans Flip Flop . I got this from thingy Gephardt's web site. Have fun." (link ).

Gore2008 Says My Writing Sucks

Hey Moron why don't you get a life, Do I give a shit about you and your opinions, Soon you will be burning in hell along your buddies who listen to your crap, How come you have the IQ of 00.00

Ok I will tell you what if Hillary or any other democrats win the Primary in Iowa or New Hampshire you can call me a loser and retarded... Man I can't even believe that some of you dems are going to be very depressed and dissapointed after 2008 election for many Years, This is a curse for some of you from Heaven by the Creator of this Universe, You will make no progress in your life or anything in your life. Do you want test my spritual power... Go ahead...

...Tell you one more thing, that is not getting any where, beside wasting their time and energy in debating, Losers. I know everything exacly what will happen in this Universe and what is supposed to happen . You and your demon followers from the will get no where except to the bottom of the Hell pretty soon, and you all are going to be very dissapointed after 2008. This is a Curse from God.

By the way tell me Moron when was the last time you went to Jail??? Just curious, Do wanna go one more time???

You call your self a writer , your writing sucks, hey I learned English only 10 yrs ago and english is my second language moron Look at the way I write you Idiot ans I will be publishing best selling books and Articles in 5 yrs. By the do you think I am that stupid to put my real name on the Internet when there are thieves and culprits like you exists in this world. Moron.. If you got the guts you moron send me an Email to, by the way for the rest of the thugs and demons who like this moron go to hell along with him, and burn in hell thats what you all dem deserve. The Democrats are meant to suffer.

Hey Tell the Dailykos people that they get no where beside wasting their time and burn in hell and also I like spit on their ugly Dum face............ if they want to speak to me give them my email address.

Hey You mother Fucker you want to fuck with me Bring it on Mother Fucker 3rd grade, 3rd Class cheap Trash, Burn in hell forever .... and Go and suck the DailyKos markos dick, because I heard he has a big dick....

Vote for your favorite line! (I'm going with "Look at the way I write you Idiot ans I will be publishing best selling books and Articles in 5 yrs.")

By the way, Gore2008 writes "If you got the guts you moron send me an Email to," however I did in fact write this bizarre troll before I blogged about him but he never responded.

However, since Gore2008 knows "the beginning of the Universe and the end of the Universe," I humbly apologize for calling him a bozo, and I must have just gotten the whole thing wrong.

Somewhat but mostly unrelated

I have a new article at Raw Story called "New 'Murtha Lied' Website posts 'hateful' emails after liberal blogs start digging." I'll highlight excerpts from it tomorrow...and there will be a second part to the story soon.


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