Sunday, August 07, 2005

Call Me Eggface, Just Don't Call Me Late For...


Jay Rosen makes me look silly.

It appears that the Novak cut-and-run that occurred on last Thursday's edition of CNN's "Inside Politics" may have been precalculated as Rosen reports from an email he received from the Financial Times' Scott Heiser, who sort-of interviewed Novak the day before:

"Heiser said he was “told in no uncertain terms beforehand that should I have the gall to ask Mr. Novak about his involvement regarding the CIA leak investigation, he would say no comment and walk away.” The Financial Times reported in its print editions (not online): “He has suggested he would end even live radio or TV interviews if any questions came up about the CIA leak case.”"

Of course, I'm rarely wrong...


...except for the time last August when I Gephardtly predicted that Pataki would replace Cheney on the ticket at the 2004 Republican National Convention.

And I'm partially to blame for this oopsie, too.

Let's not even mention this post from just a few weeks ago.

Oh well...maybe it's time to look for some more plagiarism.

(Speaking of the P another one...look for it tomorrow...or the next's not a Coulter or a Gannon but I promise it will, at least, amuse you when you see whom I've caught)


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